It seems like Facebook is really working hard on improving their mobile apps as they now added a voice messaging feature on Facebook Messenger. We already tried it for a test run and we’re really impressed by its performance. After all those negative reviews on the Play Store, they seem to finally hit the nail on this one.

Aside from the usual chatting on the Facebook Messenger app, users may now send voice mail like messages so that they can add that personal touch on each and every thought that they would want to convey. This development was a big step towards a better engagement on the world’s largest social networking website.

Here’s how you can have the new Facebook Messenger Voice Messaging feature.

Facebook Messenger Adds Voice Messaging Feature

To get this feature, you first need to update your FB Messenger app to the latest version. After installation, launch the app and select a friend to send the voice message to. Once you get into the thread, click on the “+” icon to show several options then choose “Record Voice”. To record your message, hold the red button until you finish talking. After releasing the red button, it will be sent automatically. Oh, before I forgot, don’t make your messages too long because you’re only limited to 60 seconds.

What do you think about this new nifty feature? Do you like it?

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  1. Great way to communicate isn’t it. After several forms of messaging, there comes the voice messages transmitted over the network.