It ended just as it rose to fame. Anyone who has been following the news knows that Flappy Bird is no longer available in app stores, having been removed due to its addictive nature and the stress it brought to its developer. Users now have no choice but to look for alternative games. Here are some.

Instead of a bird flying between pipes, Ironpants (screenshot above) features an eponymous superhero avoiding boxes. Gameplay is basically the same: one touch control and the sole goal of flying the longest distance. Also, it’s harder to master than Flappy Bird.

Splashy Fish is another knock-off that, as its name implies, stars a fish but going through underwater pillars this time. It’s one of the better apps out there that really feels like Flappy Bird.

Vird the Flappy Dragon

Developers must think that flapping things are popular these days. Here we have another app with the “flappy” in its name: Vird the Flappy Dragon: A Flapping Wings Game. Its two-player mode is worth checking out.

If you browse the iOS and Android app stores yourself, you’ll see a lot of clones and knock-offs simply by searching “flappy.” Gameplay is almost always the same. Beware of blatant ad placements in these apps.

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