Showing off your mobile gaming prowess just got easier. The latest update for the Google Play Games app introduces a new feature that lets you record, edit, upload and share your gameplay online.

Recording your Android games is easy. Just launch the Google Play Games app on your mobile device, choose the game you want to play, tap the record button, and start playing. You can record your gameplay in two resolutions: 720p or 480p. Want to add commentary? You can do so using your front-facing camera and microphone. When you’re done playing, you can edit the video and then upload it to YouTube.

Introducing this feature to Android gaming is a good move for Google. Just look at the vast collection of pre-recorded videos on YouTube Gaming. The feature helps even the novice gamer create his own video collections easily, build online authority and become the next Internet celebrity. Sometime in the future, another update will also let gamers share their gameplays as live streams.

If the feature isn’t available after you update the Google Play Games app, that’s probably because it hasn’t rolled out to your country yet. Users from US and UK are first to try it, with more countries to follow.

[Source: Google]

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