If you’ve been following the news, you know that Google reportedly tried to buy the gaming video service known as Twitch.tv last year. When that failed, Google decided to do the next best thing by dedicating a new section of YouTube entirely for gaming.

There are already a lot of gaming videos in YouTube (not to mention the viral videos for the occasional laughs), but Google’s video repository currently doesn’t have the sophisticated system required to live stream games. That’s something that the new YouTube Gaming app and website will deliver, along with many new features that help gamers gather in one convenient community.

So far, the only thing you can see in the gaming.youtube.com page is a notification button and a beating heart. Click on one of the heart pieces and you’ll hear an iconic sound from your cherished games. Can you guess them all?

YouTube Gaming is slated for a summer release in the US.

[Source: Google]

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