Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of Gangnam style! It’s the latest dance craze in the Philippines today and just like what other Korean songs have, it grabbed the hearts and smiles of Filipinos through its simple yet cute dance moves – the same thing why “Nobody” became a hit. “Gangnam Style” was originally performed by Psy, a famous Korean rapper.


Now, you might be thinking why am I posting it here? Well, basically I just want to share this funny spoof of Gangnam Style by Pinoys. It doesn’t hurt to take 5 minutes of your time to get a good laugh on this Filipino version.

The video was starred by Eric “Eruption” Tai, one of the host in ABS-CBN’s Showtime. He danced “gangnam style” in various spots in the Metro. Additionally, he even managed to get some celebrities to dance with him. Some of them are Anne Curtis, Randy Santiago, Slater Young and Coleen Garcia. This video was conceptualized and produced by GRNMNGO.

Gangnam Style Pinoy version

Original Gangnam Style by Psy

Ever since the launch of the song last July, the song made a huge impact and even big time celebrities were driven to the dance craze. What do you think about the Pinoy Gangnam Style?

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