After months of early access in countries like Brazil, India, France, and Germany, Instagram Reels is now heading to the United States before the rest of the world.

The confirmation comes from a Facebook spokesperson (Facebook owns Instagram) who spoke to TechCrunch claiming that the music-oriented video is reaching Americans in early August.

The same spokesperson also told that Reels is also headed for other countries, “more than 50” of them, including Japan, Mexico, and the UK.


To the unaware, Reels is a feature in Instagram that plays similarly to TikTok as a bite-sized music video content for entertainment. But while similar in main concept, Reels does not necessarily completely mimic everything about TikTok.

One of the few main differences between the two is that Reels run a shorter 15-second content while TikTok lasts for as long as a minute. 

Instagram’s timing to launch Reels comes in light of the plausible ban for TikTok due to a cybersecurity issue that the US government claims to be linked with the Chinese government.

Although TikTok’s fate in the United States is still uncertain due to its defense of contradicting suspicion, it happening would suggest a transfer of at least 30 million Americans who use the app habitually. 

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