Everything is pretty much on the cloud these days. Even doing word documents or any other work-related tasks are being offered by cloud-based systems like Google Suite and the Office 365 ProPlus.

But for those who want something traditional yet still dated, the new Microsoft Office 2019 might be the one for you. This entire package includes new on-premises versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Project, Outlook, Access, Visio, and Publisher.

Due to the fact that it’s meant to be used even when you’re offline, the Office 2019 will be lacking some features that the Office 365 ProPlus have. One of the main limitations is the real-time collaborations with other users and other features that require an internet connection.


Also, Microsoft said that this is a one-time release. Which means that it wouldn’t be getting the future updates that the ProPlus version will have. Other than the periodic security updates, of course.

Nevertheless, the Microsoft Office 2019 still packs a few interesting tricks up its sleeves. For one, the Word 2019 will have new Learning Tools such as Read Aloud and Text Spacing. There’s also the new Focus Mode, which practically displays your work in fullscreen, removing the distractions everywhere.

Focus Mode is also present on the Outlook 2019. It allows you to see the most important emails first so you can address them immediately. The Excel 2019 also got smarter as it now has data analysis, new charts and formulas, and improvements to PowerPivot.

Probably the most interesting and striking improvements are in the PowerPoint 2019. Gone are the days of cheesy transitions as it now has Morph and Zoom effects, something that is commonly used in video productions.


The entire Microsoft Office 2019 will also come with improvements behind the curtains. It has enhanced security and streamlined administration features. It also uses the Click-To-Run (C2R) technology, which makes the installation of the entire suite more convenient. It can also predict monthly security updates and more.

Microsoft added said that they are committed to each and every one of their customers, weather they are pro or against cloud services. Which is why they promised that they will continue to bring on-premises products such as this.

The Microsoft Office 2019 is now available for commercial volume license customers. The full rollout will happen in the coming weeks.

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