Today’s popular social networks are all about sharing your personal information to everyone. Some of us, however, are a bit wary of our digital privacy and would prefer mingling with online folks with a level of anonymity. This is where the new social app Banter comes in.

The Banter app is premised on making conversations out of interests, thus giving users the ability to create and join chat rooms. Configurable to be either public or private, these chat rooms are gathering places of people curious about the same topic (sports, gaming, events, etc.). The level of interaction is quite rich, as the app allows sending texts, photos, GIFs, and many more. Location sharing to nearby users is also available.

To please users who are concerned about their activities within the app (and in light of Snowden revelations and alleged spying), Banter has features like creating a custom username (should users choose to go anonymous while meeting people) and setting which profile info can be viewed by the public. All conversations are also short-lived; they don’t stay archived for more than a day.

More features are expected to appear in Banter. For now, assuming multiple identities within the app costs nothing, but it will become a premium feature later.

[Download: iOS, Android]

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