Psychology says that our daily mood is paralleled with a track or a playlist we’d love to jam with. Inspirational and cheerful tune with your morning coffee, acoustic songs during your afternoon blues, and lively ballad or rock when you’re stuck in traffic.

Looking for a one-stop-shop app for all your music needs is just a few clicks away from the Play Store and App Store. Here are some of the best digital music listening platforms to fulfill your thirst for music.

Why Spotify is the number 1 music streaming app in the Philippines?

Spotify is your best choice to patch up the day with wonderful songs from your favorite artists. If Netflix is the top choice for video content streaming in the Philippines, Spotify is known to be the most popular music streaming app since its introduction last 2014. It’s the ultimate audio hub where users can play their choice of music, create multiple playlists, and download it for offline use.

Podcasts are also uploaded by inspirational artists and gurus to keep us informed and motivated throughout the day. For all commercial and independent music makers, it also offers digital and intellectual rights protection while they showcase their talent across the globe.

To help you control your music listening experience, there are the regular pause, play, next, shuffles, and heart buttons inside the app. Searching music is also easy. Simply type in a few keywords and songs, playlists, and artists will start to show up.


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Spotify Playlists and Mixes

People crave the use of Spotify as it features a special algorithm where users will be surprised by the new recommended music that they can discover based on their listening history. It can also give a specially crafted playlist with the best suggestions and mixes just for you.

In addition, you can simply play the best 50 music hits in the Philippines. It is updated daily and there’s a bunch of other playlists named after a person’s situation like ‘sleep’, ‘chill’, ‘senti’ or ‘focus’.

Other playlists include ‘Top Hits Philippines’, ‘Philippines Top 50’, and ‘Global Top 50’. There are also special mixes depending on an emotional state based on your most-streamed artist, sing-along playlists such as ‘Pinoy Karaoke Hits’, ‘Girl Power Karaoke’, ‘Songs to Sing in the Car’, and editor’s picks such as ‘Tatak Pinoy’, ‘OPM Says Chillax’, RADAR Philippines’, etc.

Spotify Plans in PH

Its free service will allow you to play songs randomly on any playlist with up to six skips per hour if you’re using a smartphone. Unluckily, you will have to get used to the ads that pop out almost all the time while you are using the app. If you will sign up for its premium plan, all ads and skip limitations are removed. You can also stream with the highest music quality of 320Kbps.

  • Spotify Individual Plan (solo) — Php149/month
  • Spotify Duo Plan (up to 2 users) — Php199/month
  • Spotify Family Plan (up to 6 users) — Php239/month
  • Spotify Student Plan (need to pass docs) — Ph75/month
  • Spotify Mini Plan (Mobile only) — Ph7/day or Php26/week

For those who don’t want to jump the gun too quickly, they are offering a trial for three months where you can get all the premium services as long as you are willing to provide your credit card information or other payment details.

Just a reminder, getting another trial period by signing up for another account will require you to use another debit/credit card or PayPal account. So, if you’re thinking of signing up with Spotify’s free trial multiple times, it’s actually not that easy.

Spotify is available in Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, and iPadOS.

5 Spotify alternatives this 2024

After learning the wonders of Spotify, it’s good to have options if you wish to switch or try other music streaming platforms for a different music listening experience. 

YouTube Music

Offering a free 30-day trial for each valid Google Account on any device, YouTube Music stands next to Spotify but with all your favorite YouTube feautres all-in-one. It allows users to craft their playlists, pause & play music tracks, and download tracks for offline listening. However, it does not give any music mixes made for you and special playlists like how Spotify does without any extra cost.


Youtube Music shines on how it gives the list of music content you can stream plus live performances, old songs, and remixes of tracks that are not available on other platforms. It also doesn’t automatically prohibit a user from playing music with explicit content. Like Spotify, using the app for free will have video ads similar to a regular YouTube video.

Paying for a premium YouTube Music plan will cost you Php129/month for personal use, Php199 for family subsciption with up to 6 users monthly, and a student plan with Php65 monthly fee. But the good news is that you will get a 256Kbps audio, no ads at all, and removed restrictions.

Apple Music

Specially crafted for all Apple devices, the premium version of Apple Music gives you all the regular listening features of Spotify like offline songs, ad-free streaming, creating your own playlist, and 256Kbps audio quality. In order to avail the service, you need to sign-in your Apple ID account.


You can access more than 60 million concert music, tracks from iTunes library, original shows, Apple exclusives, and Beats 1 on-demand and live radio shows. The service is also available for Windows, Android, Sonos, Apple TV, and Apple Watch.

  • Apple Music Individual Plan — Php139/month
  • Apple Music Family Plan (up to 6 users) — Php219/month
  • Apple Music Student Plan — Php75/month


Popular among those who like HiFi, Deezer gives all the features similar to that of other music platforms. Signing up for a premium version of Deezer will let users listen to music without ads, without limits, and download for offline use.


An individual Deezer subscription will cost you USD10.99 per month. Meanwhile, the Deezer family account will cost USD17.99 monthly which can be used by six users altogether. They are offering a one-time annual subscription which costs USD98.91 for the regular plan and USD196.99 for the family plan. You can get 30-day trials with all the available premium services.

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Created in 2007, SoundCloud is known as one of the earliest music streaming services online. It contains over a hundred million music tracks, digital podcasts, remixes, and acoustic covers of all local, independent, and commercial artists worldwide. You can share and give feedback to the newest music in town plus join a community of music lovers.


You can download the app on any device and you can explore fresh music content, trending songs, and exclusive podcasts. You can also listen to music anonymously by downloading the software and playing songs without an account.


While it can’t be considered a music streaming platform in a literal sense, Audible is an app where you can listen to audiobooks depending on the credit of each user. Regardless of the price, subscribers can use these earned credits for the next 12 months from the time it was first given. Luckily, many users use this to increase their ‘human capital’.

Listen to your favorite podcasts and audiobooks with Audible. See their prices below, which are really flexible:

  • Audible Plus: USD7.95/mo
  • Audible Premium Plus: USD14.95/mo
  • Audible Premium Plus (2 credits): USD22.95/yr
  • Audible Plus Annual (12 credits): USD149.5/yr
  • Audible Plus Annual (24 credits): USD229.5/yr


If you just hate paying a certain fee for premium service, Audiomack is an artist and album-based music streaming platform that you can use without any paid account. This will allow you to share your music interests, publish your playlists, and independently stream daily. It is perfect for all music or audio content creators where you can be an independent artist and collaborate with other users who also love music.

Its categories include Rap, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Jazz, Country, and all authentic music in just a single music space. Downloading a track for offline listening is also possible. However, if you wanted to go on an ad-free screen while playing music, you can also upgrade for just a minimum amount of Php100.


Radio Philippines

As the best-reviewed radio listening app of 2019, Radio Philippines offers a free radio service that contains 300 stations nationwide. It offers a wide range of selections for stations from news, comedy, sports, lifestyle, etc. If you are using the free version, this still falls as an alternative for Spotify.


In Radio Philippines, you can choose a radio station that is based on your local dialect. Each playlist on the app is curated and it depends on the mood, genre, or theme which draws a lot of users. Its fan base is growing as more people are tuning in to AM radio stations for the latest news, public updates, and current affairs.

That’s it! Did we miss anything? Share with us your recommendations in the comments section below.

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  1. I like everything to do with music. I’m willing to buy anything that has music and anything that will make it sound even better. I like the Spotify platform because I can choose music to suit my mood, like “sleep”, “relaxation”, “sentiment” or “concentration”. It’s really cool. I have Tower floor standing speakers in my house, you can’t imagine how cool sounding songs I hear every day.