Amid traffic woes, a new mode of transportation can’t come soon enough. Tokyo-based ALI Technologies, Inc. has a proposal called XTurismo. It’s a hover bike that the company believes will become “a new icon of air mobility.”

First unveiled in October 2021 as the world’s first flying bike, the XTurismo features a limited hybrid design model that comes with a conventional engine along with four battery-powered motors and six propellers.

Performance-wise, the XTurismo can reach speeds of up to 100km/h with a maximum 40-minute flight time while allowing a load capacity of up to 100kg, which is ample for one rider.

Measuring 3.7m long, 2.4m wide and 1.5m tall and weighing 300kg, it’s also way heavier and bigger than the typical motorcycle.

But while admittedly futuristic and mind-blowing, the XTurismo won’t be plying over city streets just yet. Several governments across the globe have existing laws and regulations that prohibit hoverbikes from flying above public roads.

ALI Technologies also needs to address the jarring noise. You can hear it yourself in the demonstration videos.

In the meantime, the XTurismo can be used for entertainment in private properties, assuming you can afford the 77,700,000 yen (approx. Php31.2 million) price tag. Only two hundred units will be manufactured.

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