Yamaha has launched a new motorcycle in Japan made for those who want a compact bike for daily commuting. Meet the Yamaha Gear 2023.

No, while the small size might suggest it is, the Yamaha Gear 2023 is not an electric motorcycle. Instead, this scooter comes with a 49cc single-cylinder gasoline engine that’s liquid-cooled. It can do 4.24hp at 8,500rpm and 4.1Nm of torque at 6,500rpm.


As you might expect, this is a fuel-efficient bike. As per the World Motorcycle Test Cycle, it can do up to 52.2km/L. That’s with a single passenger. Meanwhile, Japan’s transportation ministry said that it can do 66.9km/L at speeds of 30kph.

Other than its great fuel efficiency, the bike’s compact size makes it a great mode of transportation in cities, either for work or school. It’s only 1,850mm long, 1,025mm tall, 680mm wide, and has a seat height of 28 inches.


It then has 130mm drum brakes in front and back, a 35W halogen bulb for the headlight, an easy-to-read meter panel, center and side stands, a hook with up to 1kg capacity, and a fuel tank with a 7.5-liter capacity.



For better convenience, the bike can be had with a basket in the front, handguards, and a rear bracket.

The Yamaha Gear 2023 is being sold in Japan for a price of JPY260,700. That’s about Php102,900 when directly converted to Philippine peso.

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