UK-based startup company known for specializing in stem cell technology for the cultivation of meat, Roslin Technologies, is seeing an expanded shareholder base as Kickstart Ventures makes an investment worth multiple million dollars to it.

The Globe Telecom-owned company spearheaded the business deal via the Ayala Corporate Technology Innovation Venture Fund (ACTIVE Fund) and follows Roslin Technologies’ efforts of raising some funding in late 2022.

Established in Scotland in 2016, Roslin Technologies is led by a group of scientists from the Roslin Institute, which made its mark in history as the institution behind the cloning of Dolly the Sheep in the mid-’90s.

With expertise in lab-grown meat, the biotech company seeks to fix problems over food insecurity through innovative methods such as the growing of meat, relative to the concerns with regards to the world’s growing population.


Regarded as an industry leader in animal stem cell research, Roslin Technologies makes use of animal stem cell technology in the production of meat for human consumption, alleviating the need to raise live stocks to sustain the demand for meat.

In the Philippines where a fraction of its population suffers from hunger, the Social Weather Station estimates that an estimated 11.8 percent fall from that category, while some 599,000 households suffer a greater degree of food scarcity or “severe hunger.”

Through the amalgamation of increasing birth rates, poverty, and greater dependence on food imports, the varying levels of hunger are posing an issue to the growth of the country.

With international shareholders such as the University of Edinburgh, Novo Holdings, Future Planet Capital, Nutreco, Kairos Capital Group, etc. in its base, the addition of

Kickstart Ventures provides Roslin Technologies a more robust backing while also paving the way for a more solid footprint in Asia.

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