It has certainly taken a while, but AMD finally has unveiled its own upscaling technology to compete with NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Super Sampling. Unveiled at this month’s Computex, the AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution is slated for a June 22 launch.

To recall, NVIDIA’s DLSS is an upscaling technology that’s powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. Basically, it allows NVIDIA graphics cards to render games at lower resolutions, thereby increasing performance, but without resulting in a drastic image quality reduction. It’s a post-processing effect that allows budget-friendly laptops to run today’s demanding games.


AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution will attempt to achieve the same thing. It’s hard right now to compare the two technologies in terms of performance gains and impact on visual quality, as FSR hasn’t launched yet and no third-party benchmarks are currently available.


But AMD does promise that using FSR can result in up to two times better performance. In a demo using AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT, the game Godfall achieved 49 frames per second (FPS) at native 4K resolution. But with FSR enabled, the game reached 78 FPS on ultra-quality mode and 150 FPS on performance mode.

More interestingly, FSR is compatible with other hardware, which means it can be used even in NVIDIA cards.

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