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You must be a real computer enthusiast to have come across multiple utility programs that provide functionality which you would otherwise not get in most default configured computers. More so probably if you have encountered CAM and chose to stick to it, for many good reasons.

CAM is not your typical utility program which gives certain functionalities which you would otherwise not get in a common computer usage. Filling in what most Windows computers lack (to some extent), CAM provides next-level features that make for a perfect system-monitoring tool.

What does CAM do?

Do not take the word lightly when I say that CAM is a great tool for monitoring your PC’s parameters. By great, I meant that this utility program is the most complete of its kind to date.

Apart from given the power to track your machine’s changing variables like temperature, load percentage, and clock speed in a single page, it now also allows you to overclock your GPU which nullifies the need to run another program for the process.

CAM Monitoring tool

Of course, this does not mean that Windows itself did not have this kind of app preinstalled on it. It does, but it doesn’t offer the same level of functionality as you would find in CAM.

For instance, Windows’ built-in monitoring tool does not offer the same visuals as CAM and it lacks view on certain hardware performances. This lack of visibility makes Windows’ system-monitoring capability minimally barebones to what CAM can do and acts as a blind spot for many troubleshooters.

You had probably thought it amazing that CAM can provide up-to-the-point details of everything there is to know about computers, but wait until you see it in its full expanded mode where everything is laid out and made more elaborate in a single page. Despite the wealth of information that is displayed in this mode, the real benefit of this feature is definitely more noticeable in a multi-monitor setup, especially for benchmarking purposes.

CAM Computer Software

For example, by having a 2-monitor setup, you can do gaming on one screen (Windowed mode) and let CAM do its job on the other. This gives you real-time updates on what changes are taking place on your computer under load.

But even single monitor users still benefit from CAM’s ability to monitor your computer’s variables. Thanks to the program’s overlay projection, users are given active feedback about the performances of the computer’s three major hardware players: CPU, GPU, and RAM.

CAM Settings - Hardware, Software, Interface

Another significant benefit of using CAM is its mobile application which works hand-in-hand with your computer hardware by letting you track its parameter changes even when you are on the go.

Last but not the least, CAM’s range of workability also stretches beyond just certain hardware brands as it also works with products from manufacturers like Corsair, etc. This means that, if you want full control over your liquid CPU cooler which is branded as Corsair, CAM will let you do all the tweaking in its own interface and get the wanted result from the target hardware.

Did I miss anything? If you have suggestions on what to feature next, feel free to lets us know in the comments section. Questions? drop them down below and we’ll try our best to help.

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