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Samsung CH711 quantum dot curved monitor for gamers revealed


Ditching OLED in favor of the newer Quantum Dot display, Samsung has released the CH711 which is a curved monitor touted to be specially developed “for gamers.” 

Not looking at the label attached with this cutting-edge monitor display from Samsung, one can easily mistake this Quantum Dot display as an Apple product based on the product’s white color scheme.

Available in two sizes—27- and 31.5-inch—both types share a similar display resolution at 2560 x 1440, a curvature rating of 1800R, an almost 180-degree viewing angles, and an amplified sRGB coverage of 125 percent.

Although ideal for use in a horizontal position, this monitor is also feasible for use on a vertical position. However, given the display’s sharp curvature, using the monitor on the latter mentioned position can be awkward and unsettling, especially for gaming.

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The quantum dot technology may appear to be the latest fad, but this technology had been known to the tech industry since around 1990’s and was initially put to use on TV by Sony.

But putting the same technology formerly used for TV to computer monitors is something that was not done before and thus pioneered by Samsung with the CH711.

While the quantum dot display is not perfect given its known flaws with light bleed as seen with its application on the Kindle device, its overall faster response time over the OLED, better color accuracy, and higher color saturation makes it more ideal in gaming.

Price and availability of the Samsung CH711 is unknown as of the moment.

Source: Samsung


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