Galaxy S8 8GB RAM

How do you come back from a scandal as big as your phone getting banned from flights? Make sure you prevent the issue from reoccurring ever again then go big on your next flagship in every way possible. And that is exactly what Samsung is doing. 

The rumours for Samsung’s Galaxy S8 have been pouring in non-stop for weeks now. Starting with the physical home button taking a bow, the bezels getting thinner, and the screen getting bigger, there is just so much going on with the S8.

The latest rumour is from a leakster on Weibo who has a decent track record says the Samsung Galaxy S8 will launch with 8GB of RAM and feature UFS 2.1 storage. Although Samsung was the first to announce the industry’s first 8GB module for mobile devices, earlier reports had said they would not be using such a large RAM in their phone. Their refusal to not want to use a large RAM didn’t take us by surprise seeing as none of their flagships for the year has more than 4GB of RAM. That is not to say they do not have a phone with a larger RAM as the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro has 6GB of RAM.

Galaxy S8 leak

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6GB of RAM is still widely considered as an overkill, so this announcement might not generate the right kind of buzz Samsung might want for its next flagship. There are also reports that Samsung will kill the Note line, but no ground has been established yet other than the supposed 6-inch Galaxy S8 Plus variant.

The Galaxy S8 will also feature a faster flash storage, UFS 2.1 to be precise. The new standard was unveiled in March of this year and according to, which is the official website for global standards for the microelectronics industry, it will provide data security through the use of inline cryptography between the processor and UFS storage device.

The Wall Street Journal said that it will not be here until April, a little late compared to previous releases. Samsung may need more time to avoid a catastrophe like the Note 7.

But just like every rumor, let’s take everything about the Galaxy S8 with a grain of salt to avoid disappointment. One thing’s for sure, though, Samsung will definitely need a break out flagship next year.

Source: GSMArena

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