Disney to close down cable channels in PH, SEA to focus on streaming


The Walt Disney Company, the business unit behind Disney Channel, is reportedly closing down on its paid subscription TV channels in South East Asia as well as Hong Kong, effective late 2021.

As per the company statement, the ceasing of the TV broadcasting service will begin on October 1, 2021.

However drastic, the decision is apparently not without a good reason, as underpinned by the company’s imperative to set its attention to a direct-to-consumer model as well as develop its streaming service.

With the imminent closure, Variety reports that the following channels will be affected as a result: FX, Fox, Fox Life, Fox Crime, Fox Movies, Fox Family Movies, Fox Action Movies, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Star Movies China, SCM Legend, and Nat Geo People.

In addition, sports channels Fox Sports 3, Fox Sports 2, Fox Sports 1, Star Sports 2, and Star Sports 1 will stop airing as well.

Conversely, as the company shifts its resources to streaming, Disney+ is anticipated to show some growth this year.

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  1. In other news, your cable plan is about to get a lot more boring, the price will not go down, and Disney profits will increase. Also, hotel TV will get even worse, and the wifi will continue to suck so you can’t stream Disney+. This is purely about profits. So, I need to buy a data plan, iwanttfc, disney+, and netflix. Super. There is, of course, free to air digital GMA if you buy the equipment to receive it.