You may be noticing that electronic devices and peripherals have become more expensive. The chip shortage is to blame.

Based on data from market research firm NPD, prices of electronics have risen due to the heavy demand for consumer products amid the pandemic, made worse by the global shortage of computer chips. Televisions, for example, have risen in price by up to 30 percent since last year. Graphics cards that normally sell for $750 have gone over $1,100 (though cryptocurrency mining is also at fault here).

Besides higher prices, the chip shortage has also led to a lower supply of consumer electronics. Sony recently announced its PlayStation 5 console will remain in short supply until 2022. Huawei has stopped production of low-end phones. Car manufacturers, such as Mitsubishi and General Motors, have also reportedly cut their production this year.

The range of affected devices pretty much covers everything. Some variants of iPhones, iPads and other Apple products may be unavailable due to component shortages. Samsung phones are affected as well. Monitors, webcams, speakers, smart-home devices—you name it, their prices have gone up.

Via: Wired

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