There’s a global shortage in computer chips happening globally, and it’s affecting every consumer product with electronic systems.

From cars and fridges to smartphones and computers, expect product prices to soar amid the global shortage of chips. These pieces of semiconductor materials are basically what makes electronic products function, which means the shortage could also lead to production delays.

If you’re having a hard time finding the PlayStation 5 console is hard to find in stores, you already know why. Last year, iPhone 12 fans got some bad news when Apple’s high-end smartphone was delayed by two months.


This time, Samsung has announced it’s also delaying its next Galaxy flagship phone launch, and that’s coming from the world’s number two chipmaker.

Per The Guardian article, the temporary shutdown of factories due to the coronavirus pandemic was the initial cause of the chip production slowdown. This was followed by an unprecedented demand for home electronics, with people changing their lifestyles because of the global health issue.

Industry experts are estimating the shortage to last up to two years, or at least until manufacturers are able to ramp up their production.

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