With the pandemic still felt across the world, the issue over production of essential electronics components also remains an issue, especially for a tech-heavy industry like Sony who expects that shortage for the PlayStation 5 will continue into 2022—at least, according to Sony Chief Financial Officer, Hiroki Totoki.

In a report by Bloomberg, the Sony exec was quoted for stating how the skyrocketing demand for the PS5 simply cannot be satisfied, even if the company manages to produce as many more units of its current flagship console.

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For a critical component that sees its relevance from hardware ranging from graphics cards to consoles like the PS5, the issue with the chip shortage is essentially a “crisis” that is affecting the industry in many sectors.

However, Hiroki Totoki is not alone in the prospect of the scarcity to persist throughout the year up to the next as NPD Group exec and video game advisor, Mat Piscatella, claimed the same thing, as relayed to Kotaku.

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