Valenzuela City Representative Wes Gatchalian is pushing for a mandatory registration of subscriber identity module (SIM) cards via a bill in Congress.

Filed by Gatchalian in December 2019, House Bill No. 5793 is a bill that aims to thwart terroristic and criminal acts made possible with the use of cellphones. The bill is currently pending in Congress and has been filed in place of a similar bill, also authored by Gatchalian.

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The congressman is advocating for the bill amid the rise of scams in food delivery services. He says scammers can easily make fraudulent books under fake names using cheap prepaid SIM cards. These scams can often swindle riders as well as restaurants.

By requiring prepaid SIM cards to be registered, Gatchalian believes these scams would be effectively eliminated.

Wes’ brother, Senator Sherwin Gatchalian, also has a similar bill in the Senate that calls for required SIM registration.

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