Yup, popular simulator game ‘The Sims’ is getting its own reality TV show — with real people, of course.

With a title The Sims Spark’d, contestants will compete through different challenges that will test their creativity and storytelling in The Sims. Players will battle it out for four episodes with a cash prize of USD100,000.

With its huge fanbase spanning across twenty years, the creators included some of the game’s biggest fans and players on the show. Popular YouTubers who play The Sims like Plumbella nd Xmiramira will be contestants and competitors.

The Spark’d Challenge Program will also give a chance to Sims players watching from home to be part of the show by playing different in-game challenges.


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Thanks to the reality TV platform’s popularity, fans and players of the game hope to share their love for The Sims to the mainstream market.

The Sims Spark’d will be shown on the TBS network starting July 17. It was created in collaboration with Buzzfeed Multiplayer and ELeague.

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