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The Gaming House: A reality show for streamers, gamers, and content creators


Tier One Entertainment, one of the most popular esports agencies in Southeast Asia, introduced The Gaming House last Friday, June 4.

The Gaming House is a reality show that will feature aspiring gamers, streamers, and content creators competing for a chance to be signed as a Tier One Entertainment talent.

“We want them (auditionees) to be their authentic selves, whether you’re a console player, PC player or mobile gamer. Laruin mo ‘yung gusto mong laro (Play the game that you want to play),”

“That’s why for the mechanics we’ve created, hindi namin siya sinara for isang game lang (we didn’t set it for just one game) because we’ve been trying to break those walls for the past years and we’re not here to make new walls. So for us, kahit anong type ka pa ng gamer (whatever type of gamer you are), just be yourself, whether you don’t have a PC or cellphone to play, I mean there will be mechanics that will require you some stuff, but everybody will get a chance,”

Tryke Gutierrez, Tier One co-founder and CEO

It’s going to be a Big Brother-type show. Ten contestants will stay inside the popular “Payamansion 1.0,” the former home of famous YouTuber CongTV.

Contestants will undergo training and compete on a series of tasks and challenges that focus on vlogging, streaming, content creation, and more, over the course of three months.

The show will have six elimination rounds during its run until it leads to the Final Four stage, where only one contestant will win and become a Tier One talent.

It will be hosted by Gutierrez and Tier One co-founder and popular internet celebrity and streamer Alodia Gosiengfao. A couple of Tier One’s roster of talents are also expected to show up.

The Gaming House will air on ABS-CBN’s digital platforms and Tier One’s social media channels every week. About 20 episodes will be released from September to November. You can register via the link above.

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