Riders of the popular motorcycle taxi app Angkas are earning well, with an average monthly income of Php40,000.

In a recent interview at ANC 24/7, Angkas CEO George Royeca provided an inside look into the earnings of their riders and the company’s vision for the future. Besides the monthly average, Royeca said some rides are even raking in 1.5 times or double this figure.

These earnings come from working full-time, around 6 to 8 hours of ride time daily. Fridays have emerged as a particularly lucrative day, catering to office workers seeking timely commutes to work or heading home after. Besides financial gains, Angkas riders also benefit from flexible schedules as they get to choose when they’d like to work. Angkas boasts a fleet of around 30,000 riders at present.

The launch of “PasaHero with Mister Angkas” on Spotify, with its first episode featuring Vice Ganda, is part of the company’s initiative to give riders recognition and inspiration. Royeca shared that it’s about creating a mindset of dreaming bigger, desiring a better life, and gaining recognition.

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Despite the rising fuel costs, Royeca remains optimistic about Angkas’s future. He emphasized the fuel efficiency of motorcycles and pointed to increasing demand, especially during the “ber” months. He claims that the platform has successfully elevated over 50,000 bikers above the poverty line, and now contemplates nationwide expansion.

On the topic of ensuring financial stability for Angkas riders, Royeca highlighted the importance of financial literacy. Angkas actively aids its riders in this aspect, helping them think long-term and beyond their daily earnings. Angkas programs include housing projects and opportunities to launch businesses to ensure financial independence.

Royeca candidly shared that while Angkas is not currently profitable, due to expansion and initial investments, he anticipates profitability within 3 to 5 years. His ambitious vision includes integrating a million riders into the Angkas fleet within three years, aiming to generate a million jobs.

Lastly, in the face of potential price hikes and concerns of alienating customers, Royeca assured that base prices remain low. Dynamic pricing might be introduced, adjusting rates based on demand and ensuring drivers remain incentivized.

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