The live-action series of One Piece was pretty successful on Netflix, that’s why a second season has been confirmed. The new season will feature important characters from the original manga and anime. In the first season, new fans were introduced to Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat crew during the East Blue saga.

The upcoming season 2 of One Piece live-action will continue the story of Luffy and the Straw Hats as they pursue their goals in their journey toward the Grand Line and beyond. The new episodes will cover significant story arcs and may introduce important characters that fans have been eagerly anticipating, depending on the season’s duration and the amount of the series it covers.

For those interested in One Piece, here are some of the characters who might make an appearance in Season 2 of Netflix’s live-action series. Take note that some of these may contain minimal spoilers for new viewers.


Smoker the White Hunter is a Captain of the Marines. He becomes interested in Luffy when he got the highest bounty in the East Blue. Smoker serves as the final obstacle for Luffy and his crew before they enter the Grand Line. This encounter occurs at the spot where Gol D. Roger was executed, Loguetown, which marks their last scene in the East Blue.

Nefertari Vivi


If the second season of the show “One Piece” on Netflix includes the Drum Island arc, viewers may anticipate the introduction of a crucial character from the Grand Line, Nefertari Vivi. She makes her appearance in the arc prior to Drum Island and joins the Straw Hats temporarily as they journey towards her home country, Alabasta. Vivi holds a significant role in the series, but disclosing it here would spoil the plot.

King Wapol


If Drum Island is visited, King Wapol will most likely be encountered. Although his fight against Luffy and the others may not be the most captivating in the series, like Buggy, he later plays a significant role as a villain. However, introducing him here is necessary to understand the corrupt higher powers that Luffy and the crew will encounter in the rest of the world.

Tony Tony Chopper


Chopper is one of the most anticipated characters that will be joining the live-action adaptation. Eiichiro Oda, the series creator, hinted at Chopper’s inclusion in a sketch and mentioned the Straw Hat crew needing a doctor. This announcement also suggests that the live-action series will explore the Grand Line after encountering Smoker. Plenty of fans are excited about the adaptation of Chopper, a reindeer with human traits.

Dr. Kureha


Chopper’s appearance in One Piece Season 2 confirms that we will also meet his mentor, Dr. Kureha. Kureha taught Chopper how to be a doctor during the Drum Island arc in the manga and plays a crucial role in his potential membership in the Straw Hat crew. Fans are interested in seeing if Jamie Lee Curtis will portray the character in the new episodes, adding to the anticipation of this debut.

Portgas D. Ace


Netflix’s One Piece live-action Season 2 will feature the Alabasta arc and introduce new characters beyond Vivi. Fans are discussing the potential inclusion of the live-action Portgas D. Ace in the show, a beloved character and brother of Luffy. Ace has a strong bond with Luffy and makes an appearance in Alabasta for a short, but joyful reunion. The series could alter the chronology of the events, increasing the chances of Ace’s debut.

Miss All Sunday


It is very certain that Alabasta will be included in Netflix’s One Piece Season 2. If it is, we can expect to meet significant new characters. Baroque Works was introduced in the first season through Roronoa Zoro’s fight with Mr. 7. In Alabasta, they have a major role. Miss All Sunday is a high-ranking member of the organization and appears to have different motives than the others. She will be another important character later on.



In live-action One Piece Season 2, viewers will witness the presence of Baroque Works and its other members. This also implies that Crocodile will be showcased in action. There is a fan theory suggesting that Crocodile has already made an appearance in One Piece Season 1, but we can expect them to be the primary adversaries during the Alabasta arc. Crocodile possesses the power to manipulate sand and intends to seize control and dehydrate the Alabasta kingdom. This will pose a significant challenge for Luffy and the Straw Hat crew, making it an exhilarating showdown next season.

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