Are you one of those people who like to live on the edge and don’t use protective cases on their phones? Or you just don’t trust yourself on owning a device that’s so expensive? Then, you might want to get a smartphone insurance here in the Philippines.

One of the Philippines’ most accessible smartphone insurance plans is the PayMaya Mobile Protect, provided by Bolttech insurance exchange. They got your back in case of a cracked screen or accidental and liquid breakage. You can get monthly protection plans for as low as Php21/month.

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What are the requirements for a smartphone insurange?

For the PayMaya Mobile Protect, your smartphone must be less than 14 days old. Smartphones older than that are still acceptable for as long as they are not more than 18 months old.

How is it different from manufacturer warranty?

Smartphone insurance usually has wider coverage. As stated earlier, it can cover damages caused by water or cracked screens caused by accidental drops and other scenarios. Things that most manufacturer warranties don’t cover.

Smartphone insurance monthly plan prices

The prices are payable per month. Obviously, the accidental and liquid breakage coverage plan is more expensive than a cracked screen. The prices below are for PayMaya Mobile Protect and are as of June 24, 2021.

Device Price RangeCracked ScreenAccidental and
Liquid Breakage
Php0 to Php5,000Php21/monthPhp31/month
Php5,001 to Php10,000Php53/monthPhp79/month
Php10,001 to Php15,000Php91/monthPhp136/month
Php15,001 to Php20,000Php126/monthPhp189/month
Php20,001 to Php25,000Php160/monthPhp239/month
Php25,001 to Php40,000Php223/monthPhp333/month
Php40,001 to Php60,000Php339/monthPhp506/month
Php60,001 to Php90,000Php512/monthPhp765/month
Php90,001 to Php120,000Php676/monthPhp1,009/month
Php120,001 to Php179,999Php1,053/monthPhp1,572/month

How to get a smartphone insurance plan?

As for PayMaya’s insurance plan, you can visit the company’s website here:

Confirm that your device is less than 14 years old, pick your device’s price range, and choose between the two plans you want.

Click ‘Select’ and finalize your details. The succeeding payments will be automatically deducted to your PayMaya wallet 10 days before the monthly coverage ends.

How do I claim my coverage if my phone needs repair?

There are a couple of ways you can reach Bolttech once you need repair. You can message them on Facebook, send an email, or call them directly.

Although the smartphone insurance will cover the fees for repair or new phone, there will be minimal service estimated to be around 10-15% of the device value.

Your device will be fixed on their repair centers and will go to quality checking before being sent back to you. Once out, you’d get a three-month repair warranty. Should issues still arise, it will be repaired back again completely free.

What do you guys think? Is it worth it to get smartphone insurance in the Philippines?

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