As far back as July 2020, rumors have been circulating on a possible Apple gaming console, one that may take a hybrid form like the Nintendo Switch. Late last week, new speculations have emerged and given us more information about the console.

According to the Korean website Clien, as tweeted by @FrontTron, Apple is developing a system-on-a-chip to power the console. It’s apparently different from the Apple A and M series of SoCs, with a more powerful graphics component that supports ray tracing.

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Furthermore, the rumors also claim that Apple is in talks with Ubisoft to develop games for the hybrid console. It’s believed that Ubisoft developers have received Apple TVs with A14X Bionic chips as game development kits.

Apple is not a stranger to gaming. Its app store is home to millions of gaming apps. Its Apple Arcade game subscription service is going strong. It also released the Pippin console in 1996, although that one was a flop.

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