Twitch is a platform for video game streamers and their fans to interact. The streamers will play a game to entertain its fans and to give back, viewers can subscribe, send cheering bits, and give donations. It goes without saying that supporting Twitch streamers costs money.

However, it appears that one child became too generous in supporting Twitch streamers.

There’s a post on a Twitch subreddit (see above) that’s gaining tons of attention. Username ‘terrikgm’ claims that their child spent a whopping amount of USD20,000 (about Php987,000) of their family’s savings on Twitch — only in a span of 17 days. The child appeared to use a debit card and cleaned out their bank accounts without its parents’ knowledge.

The user was able to obtain the list of Twitch subscriptions and donations that the child spent money on. The list includes some athletes and really popular streamers.

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Thankfully, there were a couple of helpful suggestions from other Reddit users. Some of them left a comment suggesting that the users can report it as fraudulent transaction to their bank. Although, some users also said that it may be deemed as “friendly fraud”, which will not be covered by the bank’s chargeback program.

Either way, since the child apparently only subscribed to already-popular Twitch players, the streamers wouldn’t take a major damage if a chargeback happens. In fact, these streamers can even help bring those money back.

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