China has officially banned the live streaming of ‘unauthorized’ video games. We know that the country has been strict with its media content which includes video games, and this action is a part of their goal to tighten security, particularly in this sector.

According to The National Radio and Television Administration, banned titles include those that have not been approved by the government or similar authorities; especially those that have been developed abroad. Such examples include the popular ‘Elden Ring’ which has gained popular views in China despite not being licensed in the country.

The country also warns live streamers against online competitions that have not been sanctioned by the government, calling them to oppose such “abnormal aesthetics” and to avoid falling into toxic celebrity fan culture.


If you remember in the past, China has made efforts to reduce the amount of time citizens under the age of 18 spend on video games. They have also attempted to edit out depictions of violence, celebration of wealth, and worshipping of celebrities in video games.

Even Tencent—China’s massive gaming firm—announced it will bar services that allow players to get away with playing unauthorized titles.

It is yet unclear what will become of China’s future when it comes to the gaming industry. We can only guess that this would greatly impact the generation of Chinese gamers and enthusiasts once stricter rules have been implemented.

Source: Reuters

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