The Chinese government is going after games portraying effeminate men.

Apparently, effeminacy is an unhealthy tendency according to China’s State Council, and that it, along with violent content and money worship, should be removed from video games.

Approval for new online games in China has slowed down more than a month as reported by the South China Morning Post. Games that have been found displaying what the Chinese government finds as wrong, immoral values have not been granted a license to operate.


The Chinese government previously took steps to crack down on games and curb gaming addiction among minors, enforcing time limits on game time and using facial recognition to catch minors who are playing past curfew.

Taking aim at monopolies and unfair practices, gaming companies have also been directed to avoid designing games with profits as the sole focus. Attractions, game rules, and ads are prohibited to induce addiction and to use endorsements from celebrities.

Companies failing to follow face severe punishments. NetEase and Tencent, two of the leading gaming companies in China, have so far modified their games to comply with the new regulations.

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