The sixth season of Call of Duty: Mobile is almost upon us. Come 8 a.m. on June 30 local time, players will get to embark on new vehicles and equip new weapons on a new map, with a 50-tier battle pass offering a new set of rewards.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 Battle Pass

Similar to battle passes of previous seasons, the upcoming battle pass will have multiple tiers for players to reach as they play the game. Different items and weapons will be unlocked at certain tiers, such as the precision, three-round burst KSP 45 submachine gun at tier 21 and the Sky Sentry calling card at tier 50. Skins, including camos and weapon blueprints, are also included as unlockable content.

Players can also opt to upgrade their battle passes to the premium version, which will come with more exclusive content.

New COD Mobile Map: Favela

Fans of the Call of Duty Ghosts of 2013 are in for a treat with the return of the classic Favela map in CoD Mobile. Set in a shantytown in Rio de Janeiro, this new map will challenge players in picking the best strategy as they duke it out at tight corners and winding streets in a multitiered, maze-like environment. The map has a balanced medium-sized layout that’s compatible with different play styles, be it chaotic rapid-fire fights or slower, tactical combat.


New Fighter Plane: Jackal

Players in the multiplayer and battle royale modes can take to the skies and engage in aerial combat with the new Jackal. This fighter plane will have several units deployed at landing strips across the map for players to climb aboard and pilot. It’s also equipped with weaponries such as missiles, decoys, and a gatling gun for attacking enemy planes during dogfights or for thinning out enemy troops on the ground.


Other New Features

Throughout the sixth season, COD Mobile will hold seasonal challenges and promotional events. For instance, from July 3 to 24, the game will launch a weeklong summer sale to offer discounted loot boxes and daily lucky draws.

The in-game store will also be updated with new content for purchase, including weapon blueprints.

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