Fairy Tail: Forces Unite RPG mobile game to launch in PH


Fans of the shounen anime/manga, Fairy Tail, from within the countries of Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines will have something to look forward to as game maker Garena and manga publisher Kodansha are set to release a mobile adaptation of the franchise.

Dubbed Fairy Tail: Forces Unite, the game sees players selecting their avatar among eight mages, each of which with their own unique ability and trait. Players will then get to experience Natsu and the company’s journey, based on the events that took place from the original source material.

In addition, the game will also feature the original voice actors for each respective character as they appear in-game.

Gameplay-wise, Fairy Tail: Forces Unite fuses traditional turn-based RPG with social features, such as being able to join guilds, engage in mentorship, get married, build virtual homes—among others.

To encourage the gaming community to participate in Fairy Tail: Forces Unite’s debut, the game is currently running a campaign where participants will get to earn an SS-class Erza, if a certain number of pre-registrations is met.


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