New satellite camera takes “crystal clear” photos, but it can’t see through walls


Taking the aerial surveillance of Earth to the next level, a groundbreaking satellite camera enables penetration through opaque materials and even form “crystal clear” imagery out of any unhidden object.

Equipped with the said avante garde technology is the Capella-2 satellite, which is already orbiting around Earth.

The “magic” behind the advanced capability draws from the technology called Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), which makes use of powerful radio signals—similar to cell phones and Wi-Fi—to “illuminate” any targeted object and, at the same time, form its image via the echo of each pulse.


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Taking advantage of a feature called “Spotlight mode,” the Capella-2 is able to hover over an area where the target is situated for up to 60 seconds and subsequently generate 50cm by 50cm resolution images.

Sounding like a tool that could spy on literally anyone from space, the people behind the technology claim that while the camera may penetrate through solid objects, it does not necessarily visualize what’s behind the walls and buildings.

Source: Capella Space

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