The aliens have already made contact, but they don’t want people at large to know just yet. That’s according to Haim Eshed, a former Israel space security chief, who makes this out-of-this-world yet conspiracy-laden claim in his new book, “The Universe Beyond the Horizon.”

Excerpts from the book, which contains interviews with the former security chief, have gone viral with the following highly dubious claims:

  • US President Donald Trump has been briefed about the aliens.
  • The aliens belong to a so-called galactic federation who wish to remain hidden, apparently because humanity is not yet ready to know the truth.
  • For humanity to be ready, it needs to evolve and further advance its space travel technology.
  • There’s already an underground base at Mars, managed by representatives of Earth and the alien federation.

In response, a representative from NASA said that signs of extraterrestrial life had not been found so far.

Source: NBC News

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