South Korea Telecom T1, a professional League of Legends team, has struck a deal with Korean finance company Hana Bank that raises a service that involves more than just consultation and money discussions for the team—one of the team member, Faker, will also be having his literal right hand insured.

Dubbed the “Faker’s Right Hand Insurance,” the clause states that should anything untoward happens to Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok’s right extremity, T1 will be a recipient for a huge sum of KR₩1 billion (~PHP41 million).

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Gratified at the notion, Faker posted a tweet stating his sentiment on the topic, “I am glad that other players and I have a good opportunity to prepare for financial planning through the Hana Bank’s partnership.”

Hana Bank’s financial prowess should come off as a boon to League of Legends Championship Korea (LCK) players come next year as they see an increment to their annual salary from KR₩20 million (US$16,000) to KR₩60 million (US$50,000).

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