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IKEA collabs with ASUS ROG for affordable gaming furniture


One of the biggest furniture stores in the world, IKEA, has teamed up with one of the most popular gaming brands in the industry, ASUS ROG, to create “affordable gaming furniture accessories”.

In IKEA’s announcement, the Netherlands-based company revealed that its gaming range of products will be developed in its Product Development Center in Shanghai.

The product development will be done by IKEA designers who held a workshop with the folks from the Taiwan-based ASUS ROG brand. They even included professional gamers and “gaming lovers” in their research to make sure they can offer the right needs and functionality that its target market requires.

IKEA didn’t specifically reveal what products will be part of its ROG gaming line of products. Although, they are expected to launch about 30 different products.


The most popular gaming furnitures in the market today are gaming chairs and desks, which we expect IKEA would produce. IKEA also recently ventured into smart home tech and IoT devices, which we also hope to see to have ROG’s for-gamers theme attached to it.

What’s interesting is, IKEA claims their upcoming products under this line will be “cross-demographic”. This means that they might tone down ROG’s signature aggressive design to match the overall aesthetic of a normal home.

IKEA x ASUS ROG products will launch initially in China in February 2021 and will hit other markets by October 2021. Fans here in the Philippines also have a high chance of getting these products as the upcoming IKEA branch in the country is considered as the biggest in the world.

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