If you haven’t heard, simulators are its own category in gaming and it’s quite big. Not just for training in certain professions, but there are actually people who want to have fun by going into the rabbit hole on certain activities.

Hence, we’ve seen truck driving simulators, driving schools, pilot sims, and for some reason, Goat Simulator — which is actually already in its third installment. But did you know that there’s also a Jeep Simulator? Yes, there is, and it’s being developed by two Filipino students in Davao.


The game was created by lead developer Joshua Renzie A. Bicoy and 3D artist and video editor Alvin Vann V. Arapoc. The duo is called Spacezero Interactive, who are developing the game in their spare time.

Jeepney Simulator is set in Davao, where the creators are from. The developers want to make an exact copy of the buildings but are hindered by copyright issues. Hence, they had to create their own.


The developers say that they are already in their three-and-a-half month of developing the game and they are close to finishing the demo.

More than driving passengers to their destinations, the game will also include calculating fares and change to passengers — something a Jeepney driver will actually do in real life.


To add depth to the game, the developers say that they are adding a ‘household’ system to the game where players must use their earned money to feed their family, purchase furnitures, and upgrade their Jeepneys. The developers are even thinking of adding a story campaign to the game.

You can check the Jeepney Simulator game progress in the Spacezero Interactive Facebook page.

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