Expressways, especially those that connect provinces to major business districts, have been a key driver to help boost the economy. However, these major roads have a speed limit of 100km/h which, in the current world we’re living in, feels no longer fast enough.

That’s what Ilocos Sur Representative Ronald Singson is trying to address with House Bill 4049, a proposed law that aims to amend the speed limit on toll roads or expressways.


The said bill was first filed in August 2022 and was refiled on May 18, 2023.

This new law wants to increase the 100km/h expressway speed limit to 140km/h. That should include CAVITEX, NLEX, SLEX, and more.

Spokesperson Julius Corpuz of the Toll Regulatory Board recently said that they are open to discussions regarding the raising of the expressway speed limit.

While the goal is to increase the speed limit, the bill also states that it “at the same time minimizes the incidence of road accidents.”

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If signed as a law, it will increase the speed limit of private vehicles and motorcycles with 400cc and up engine displacements to 140km/h, and buses to 120km/h.

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