RFIDs have really innovated the way we use expressways in the Philippines. Still, it comes with a few annoyances that really needs an immediate fix.

For one, you need to have two RFID stickers to use any expressways in the Philippines. There’s EasyTrip for MPTC-made expressways such as NLEX, SCTEX, CALAX, and CAVITEX. The other one is Autosweep for SMC Infrastructure roads such as NAIAX, SKYWAY, SLEX, MCX, TPLEX, and STARTOLL.


This means that drivers and riders will have to apply, reload, and attach two separate RFIDs to their vehicles. This is the reason why a lot of Filipinos are clamoring for a unified system for RFIDs.

One lawmaker is already pushing to unify both Autosweep and EasyTrip to help Filipinos with the hassle of applying and reloading two separate RFIDs account.


We’re nearing that goal as Autosweep announced that they will, starting January 15, 2023, accept applications from EasyTrip users. Today, we’ll detail all the things you should know about this new feature, how to do it, and more.

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How to enroll my EasyTrip RFID to Autosweep

Step 1: Get the downloadable Autosweep application form here and have it printed: https://autosweeprfid.com/v4/web/forms/

Step 2: Fill out the form.

Step 3: Bring the form, together with one valid government ID or company-issued ID and your vehicle with the EasyTrip sticker to your nearest Autosweep Customer Service Center or kiosk.

Step 4: An Autosweep representative will check if your EasyTrip RFID sticker is compatible. If it is, your account shall be activated.

How long before my EasyTrip RFID is activated for Autosweep?

Once you’ve submitted the requirement and an Autosweep representative has tested your EasyTrip RFID successfully, it is instantly activated and can now be used on SMC tollways.

Are all types of EasyTrip RFID can be enrolled in Autosweep?

No. Only the newer EasyTrip RFID with neology technology can be used for the Autosweep system. You can have it checked on Autosweep kiosks and service centers to see if it’s compatible.

Alternatively, here’s a guide on how you can check yourself and have your EasyTrip RFID sticker and card replaced with the new one.

What vehicles can I enroll in Autosweep and EasyTrip?

Vehicles under the Class 1, 2, and 3 categories can have the new neology RFID stickers from both Autosweep and EasyTrip.

Autosweep customer service centers and kiosks locations

Here’s a full list of Autosweep locations where you can enroll your EasyTrip RFID:

Autosweep Service Stations:

  • C5
  • Calamba CSC
  • SLEX Greenfields
  • Southwoods Northbound
  • Southwoods Southbound
  • Sta Rosa Northbound
  • Sta Rosa Southbound
  • Star Toll Lipa

Gas Station Kiosks:

  • Petron Commerce
  • Petron Boni Serrano
  • Petron C5
  • Petron Dasmarinas
  • Petron La Vista
  • SHell Magallanes
  • Caltex MCX
  • Petron KM44 Northbound
  • Petron KM44 Southbound
  • Petron San Pedro
  • Shell Mamplasan
  • Shell Putatan
  • Petron Ibaan
  • Petron Lipa
  • Petron Malvar
  • Petron Pura Northbound
  • Petron Pura Southbound

Can I use my EasyTrip RFID sticker to Autosweep/SMC tollways?

Yes. The goal of this new feature is to allow EasyTrip users to apply their RFIDs to Autosweep. Once done, your EasyTrip RFID sticker can now be used in SMC tollways that accept Autosweep.

Can I use my EasyTrip wallet load to Autosweep?

Shared wallet load is not available at the moment, but may soon be. While you can use your EasyTrip RFID to Autosweep tollways, they will still have their separate load wallets.

So before you enter a tollway, make sure you check your Autosweep and EasyTrip RFID balance.

What Autosweep SMC tollways I can use my EasyTrip RFID?

Once you’ve enrolled your EasyTrip account to Autosweep, you can now use it for these SMC tollways:

  • SLEX
  • Star
  • Skyway
  • NAIAx
  • MFC

SMC tollways can’t read my EasyTrip RFID. What to do?

If you already enrolled your EasyTrip to Autosweep but your RFID can’t be read on SMC tollways, you can proceed to your nearest Autosweep station and have an Autosweep RFID sticker installed for free.

EasyTrip RFID enrolled to Autosweep is broken. What to do?

Immediately proceed to your nearest Autosweep location to replace your sticker. Then, go to an EasyTrip Customer Service Center to update your account.

Can I remove my existing Autosweep RFID for EasyTrip?

No. Autosweep said that you can’t remove your existing sticker as long as it’s still active and still work on SMC tollways.

But if it’s already broken and can’t be read on SMC tollways, only then you can have your EasyTrip RFID linked to your Autosweep so you’d only be keeping one sticker.

Those are the things you should know when enrolling your EasyTrip RFID sticker to Autosweep. If you have further questions, let us know in the comments below and someone from the team or the community will try to help you out.

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  1. So, if i am recently enrolled to Autosweep and my sticker still obviously works, then i will have to enroll to Easytrip and actually have the two sticikers on my headlight until the day that the Autosweep for whatever reason stops working and i can then register the new type Easytrip strip to Autosweep and just have that one strip.



  2. May i know how will i enrol my easytrip rfid card to autosweep rfid, so that i can use the easytrip card to any expressyways service by autosweep, such as slex, skyway, star toll, tplex, etc.