One of the biggest problems that most iPhone users have before is the lack of a microSD card for storage expansion. What’s more, a lot of users can be trigger-happy when taking photos and likes hoarding screenshots, which could easily fill up the device’s memory.

Now, you’re probably getting a “storage full” notice from your iPhone, which prevents you from taking more pictures, downloading apps, and storing any other types of data. You have no choice but to tirelessly scroll through your photo gallery and delete images to redeem more storage space.

Fortunately, with iOS 16, there’s a much easier way to delete photos to save up memory. It’s called Duplicate Photos and it works as the name suggests: iOS will show similar-looking images and will ask you if you want to merge them into a single one, and delete the redundant images, to save you both memory space and time.



Today, we’ll detail how to use your iPhone’s Duplicate Photo features and the things you should know about it.

How to search and delete duplicate photos on iPhone?

Step 1: Open the Photos app.


Step 2: Scroll down and under the Utilities section tap Duplicates.


Step 3A: Here you’ll see all your duplicate images. Tap Merge to combine all images into one and delete the redundant ones. iOS will keep the file with the highest quality and will merge relevant metadata.


Step 3B: If you don’t have the time to individually merge files, simply tap Select in the top right corner, tap Select All, then tap Merge at the bottom of the screen.

We’ve noticed that e-receipt screenshots from e-wallet apps, banking, and others that have a similar layout are considered duplicates. That said, make sure you choose “Merge exact copies only” so you don’t lose such important documents and screenshots.


What images do iOS consider as duplicates?

The images are considered duplicates if they look the same but may have different formats, resolutions, and other minor differences.

As said earlier, images with a similar layout (i.e screenshots of e-receipts) are considered similar, so iOS is giving you an option to only merge exact copies.

What duplicate will iOS delete in Photos?

iOS will keep the image with the highest quality and combine other relevant data, then, delete the less important ones.

These are the things you should know about the duplicate photos feature within iOS’s Photos app.

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