Thinking of getting a visa to visit South Korea? The Korean Embassy has made the process a little easier because you can now book an appointment online.

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea to the Philippines recently launched an online system that will allow those who want to travel to South Korea to book and schedule their appointments online before proceeding to the embassy for the submission of their visa applications.

This new platform opened last September 14. That said, we’ll be detailing the steps on how you can book an appointment online and all the other things you should know. Let’s begin.

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How to book a Korean visa appointment online?

Step 1: If you’re not simply a tourist, make sure you know the right visa type that suits your situation by visiting the Korean Embassy’s webpage here.


Step 2: Once you picked the right visa type, click it and make sure to read the information and all the requirements and documentation needed for you to submit later.


Step 3: Now, it’s time to book a schedule. To do so, visit the Korean Embassy Consular Services website here. Click “Reservation to visit a diplomatic mission.”


Step 4: When asked to log in as a non-member, click OK.


Step 5: Click “Consent to All Terms and Conditions of Use” on top. Then, key in your email address and click the “Send Authentication Number”.

Check your email and get the 5-digit code. Type it in the corresponding field and click Verify. Once the authentication number is confirmed, you can complete the form by typing your name and contact number. Once done, click “Non-membership log in”.


Step 6: On the next page, proceed to the diplomatic mission and select “Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines to the Philippines”.


Step 7: Next, click “Select a consular service” and choose your visa type. For this guide, we’ll be choosing “Individual Applicants for Tourism”. Then, click the checkbox below it.


Step 8: On the same page, you’d see a calendar that will let you choose the time and date of your schedule. The grayed-out dates mean that they are not available.

If everything is grayed out, this means that all slots for the week are filled out. The embassy will open new slots every Thursday that will cover the following week.


Step 9: After picking a date, you should now pick the time in line with the embassy’s timetable:

  • 8:30AM: Travel agencies that are accredited and individual applicants for family visit or Filipino spouses of Korean nationals.
  • 9:30AM: Tourism visa applicants
  • 10:30AM: POEA Agencies, seasonal workers, individual applicants for official business, conference, sports, entertainment, religious visit, studies, etc.

Step 10: Review your transaction. Under Special Request, it is important that you key in your passport number and, if applicable, the name of the travel or worker visa agency. If you’re applying for your parents or children, list their names here and their respective passport numbers.

Solve the CAPTCHA then click “Make Reservation”.

Step 11: You’d be redirected to the Reservation page, which will now display your schedule. Look for the Reservation Receipt in the left corner and click Print.

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What document requirements should I bring for the Korean Visa application?

  • Printed or hard copy of the reservation confirmation
  • Filled out application form
  • Passport and a valid ID
  • All the required documents based on your visa type. See step 1 above.

How long before a Korean visa is approved?

It will take at least five (5) working days to complete the processing of visa applications. That said, make sure that your visa is already approved before booking a flight.

Do Philippine diplomatic and official passport holders require a Korean visa?

No. Diplomats are not required to apply for a Korean visa.

Can you do a walk-in visit to Korean Embassy without an online visa appointment?

No, since the launch of the Korea online visa appointment platform, the embassy will not accept walk-in visits for visa applications. Only those with confirmed online schedules will be entertained.

Can I still apply for a Korean visa through a travel agency?

Yes. If you don’t want to hassle yourself with the process, you can ask the help of a designated travel agency to do it for you.

Can I schedule a visa appointment for my parents and children?

Yes, by typing their names and passports in the Special Request section when booking appointments. However, you can’t schedule an appointment for your friends, and even brothers/sisters or husband/wife.

Can I schedule multiple appointments under one account?

No. What’s worse, when the Korean Embassy found out that you’re not a real visa applicant, you and the applicant you’re associated with will be blacklisted.

These are the things you should know when booking an appointment online to get a South Korean visa.

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