Do you think you’ve been wrongfully apprehended by an MMDA enforcer? You can now contest your violation easier as the agency just launched a way to do it online.

A couple of weeks ago, the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) launched a new online filing platform that will allow those who have been apprehended to conveniently contest their violations.

This sure is convenient, especially for those who have been apprehended but are residing in far-away locations or don’t have the time to start the process physically.

That said, today we’ll be detailing how you can contest an MMDA violation online. Let’s begin.


How can I contest my MMDA violation online?

Visit the Google Forms page for the “Online Filing of Contest on Traffic Apprehension” through this link:

Fill it out by providing details such as your personal information, information about your vehicle, and details of the incident itself.

What are the documents required for contesting MMDA tickets online?

Before filling up the form, you should prepare the documents below. They could either be a PDF or an image file.

  • UOVR ticket
  • Driver’s License
  • Certificate of Registration
  • LTO Official Receipt
  • Other pertinent documents that relate to your complaint

How long before MMDA replies to online complaints?

The MMDA-Traffic Adjudication Division (TAD) will contact you within three (3) working days for the pre-processing of the contest. The MMDA-TAD is in charge of handling such cases of contesting motorists that have been apprehended by MMDA enforcers and other related entities.


What happens after I file an MMDA contest online?

After filing the contest, you shall be contacted by the MMDA-TAD within three (3) working days. If you wish to continue the contest, you’d be scheduled for a hearing. The schedule will be subject to the availability of you (the client), the hearing officer, and the concerned traffic enforcer.

Bear in mind that this process will now be conducted face-to-face to help validate the submitted documents online.

What to do if my contested MMDA violation was not approved?

If the resolution is unfavorable to you, you can still file a motion for reconsideration addressed to the MMDA-TAD or an appeal addressed to the MMDA chairman. Such protests can be filed from 8AM to 5PM from Mondays to Fridays.

In case you want to pay for your violation, here’s how you can pay MMDA tickets online.

Can I use the MMDA online contesting platform for NCAP violations?

As of writing, the platform can only be used for physical traffic apprehension as the issue regarding the implementation of No Contact Apprehension Policy is yet to be settled by the Supreme Court.

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