Google has been really pushing its free YouTube users to subscribe to its paid Premium tier.

In an attempt to really lure people into paying, Google has bombarded free users with a lot of ads, some are even unskippable. Now, it looks like YouTube is testing out a new strategy.

Images circulating Reddit reveal that YouTube could soon lock 4K and higher resolutions and make them only accessible to paying customers. The pictures show a new YouTube Premium feature: 4K video.


Reports have been corroborated by Google’s experimental group say that the company is currently testing the idea of making the 4K resolution option exclusive to Premium subscribers.

Testers report that they are seeing the word “Premium” next to the 2160p option on the resolution selection tab.

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If it pushes through, YouTube would be in line with YouTube TV where HD and 4K content are on different tiers.

4K videos came to YouTube more than then years ago. Since then, YouTube videos can now have a resolution as high as 8K.

We may have to wait a couple of weeks or months to see if 4K and higher resolution videos will be exclusive to YouTube Premium.

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