YouTube ads are annoying. I can tolerate the two to four back-to-back ads that occasionally play before I get to see the actual video I want to watch, but the “Video paused. Continue watching?” prompts that show up in the middle of videos really break the experience for me.

And so I caved into paying for YouTube Premium. But I’m only set back less than Php95 a month though, because I subscribed to the student plan. Here’s how you can get one.

How to subscribe to YouTube Premium for Filipino students

Step 1: Scan your student ID, and store it on your computer as a JPEG, PDF, PNG or GIF file. Make sure the scanned image clearly shows your full name and, if possible, proof of the ID card’s validity (e.g., the registrar’s signature for the current semester).

*Optional: As an added measure of verification, prepare a scanned image of other school-related documents, such as your tuition assessment and study load for the current semester.

Step 2: Visit the YouTube Premium for Students page, and log in to your YouTube account.


Step 3: Click Try It Free, then click Continue.

Step 4: At the SheerID student verification page, fill out all the required fields with the correct information. Click Next.

Step 5: Add your scanned documents, and click Submit.

At this point, you’ll need to wait up to 48 hours to know if you’re registration to YouTube Premium is approved or not. If you get approved, you’ll receive a confirmation via email as well as instructions in completing your registration. It’s mostly about setting up how Google will bill you monthly (I used my PayPal account for this.)

As for my registration, I entered the University of San Carlos as I was enrolled there during the first semester. I only submitted my student ID and tuition assessment, the latter of which was only an auto-generated PDF file I downloaded from my university’s online portal for students. The 48-hour wait from SheerID is also overkill, as I received confirmation of my approval in just a few minutes.

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YouTube Music access is included in the YouTube Premium subscription.

For many students, even a Php95 expense can be costly and gobble their monthly allowance. But the good thing about YouTube Premium is that it offers its paid features for free for the first month. That’s enough time for you to figure out if the ad-free experience is worth your money. Otherwise, make sure you back out of the subscription before your first month is up to avoid being billed.

If you don’t want to pay up for YouTube Premium, there are other ways to minimize, if not eliminate, the ads and the video-pausing prompt. YouTube Vanced alternatives comes to mind.

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  1. Hello, I purchased a student plan for YouTube premium through my gcash account but the YouTube says that I have no purchases and there’s no payment activity. When I go to, in the subscription tab, it says that I am subscribed to YouTube premium. The money was already sent to YouTube. My YouTube premium is not working. Please help me resolve this problem, I am so frustrated. :(