Smartwatches are great as fitness trackers and for quick glances at information, but for watching YouTube videos on a tiny display, not so much. Still, if you find yourself in a situation where you only have an Apple Watch and no alternative viewing devices available, check the new app called WatchTube.

How to Watch YouTube Videos on Apple Watch

Using the WatchTube app is easy. First, visit the App Store page to download and install it. When you launch the app, you’ll see several familiar features like what you can find on regular YouTube.

There’s a home screen to show featured/trending videos and curated content, which is provided by the app’s own algorithm that factors in your watch history and the YouTubers you’ve subscribed to. You can also view your local playlists at the Library, change the app behavior via Settings, and browse for more videos via Search.


For each video you select and play on WatchTube, you can view the video information, read user comments, and generate a QR code to share the video on another device. You can also mute the audio while enabling captions to save on battery.

As most videos on YouTube use the standard 16:9 aspect ratio, black bars will appear on the square display of the Apple Watch. But you can opt to double tap on the video to enable full-screen mode.

WatchTube App Requirements

WatchTube works on the Apple Watch product series that are compatible with watchOS 8 and later versions. The app only uses 4.3MB of storage space and can be downloaded for free.

Better than Nothing

User reviews of the app have been positive so far, given that WatchTube is presently the most convenient way of watching YouTube videos on the Apple Watch. Other options are available, but they usually involve workarounds or a complicated setup process.

Note that the WatchTube app is still in active development, with the most recent updates focusing on stability and bug fixes. A feature for an audio-only playback mode will also be introduced in the future.

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