RFID or radio-frequency identification tags made queuing on major toll roads in the Philippines much faster and easier. All you need is to have it installed in your vehicle, make sure it has the right load balance, and you can pass through the gates with ease.

Speaking of load balance, there are a couple of ways that you can check your remaining balance on both your EasyTrip and Autosweep RFID accounts. In case you forgot the balance displayed on toll gates when you passed it, there are ways to see it at the comfort of your home or anywhere you are.


That said, here are the ways you can check the balance of your RFID tag, whether it’s from EasyTrip or Autosweep. Let’s begin.

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How to check balance of EasyTrip RFID

There are three ways you can check the balance of your EasyTrip RFID: via the MPT Drive App, through their website, or via SMS. If you confirmed you have to reload, here’s a guide on how to do it.

In addition, don’t forget to upgrade to the latest EasyTrip tag and card to make sure it works well on toll gates.

via the MPT Drive Hub app

Step 1: Download the MPT Drive Hub from the Google Play Store for Android or Apple App Store for iPhone and create an account by clicking Sign Up.


Step 2: Go to the RFID section, then hit Add RFID account.


Step 3: Choose Add my RFID account. You can also pick the other option if you want to add the RFID account of a friend, family member, or other people.


Step 4: Complete the process by entering the RFID account number, card number, and where the RFID tag is located on your vehicle.

The account number can be found on the front of your EasyTrip card, while the card number is on the back, right below the barcode.


Step 5: Once you’ve registered your account, you can immediately see your current balance on the dashboard of the app. Tap the balance to dig further and see your transaction history.


via website

Step 1: Visit the EasyTrip website: https://www.easytrip.ph

Right from the home screen, you can see the Quick Balance Inquiry window. Simply key in your Account number and choose which of the three additional information you want to provide: plate number, email, and contact, and type them below. Finally, click Check Balance.


Step 2: Your current balance will be immediately displayed.


via SMS

Text BAL [12-digit account number} and send it to 09191601553. You’d get a response from EasyTrip’s official contact and not from the same number. Based on our experience, the response could take some time — from a few seconds to even minutes. We suggest doing the first two methods instead.


Also, bear in mind that EasyTrip’s SMS balance checking has a fee of Php1.00, which will be deducted from your prepaid load.


How to check balance of Autosweep RFID

Similar to EasyTrip, you can also check your Autosweep RFID balance via the website, a dedicated app, and via SMS. Pick which you want and follow the steps below.

While I do prefer the convenience of using an app, Autosweep is sadly not available on the App Store. That said, I’m forced to use the website, which works fine.

via the website

Step 1: Visit their website here: https://autosweeprfidapps.com/balanceinquiry/

Create an account by providing your account number, plate number or card number, email address, and full name. Both the account number and card number can be found on the back of your Autosweep card, right below the QR code.


Step 2: Your RFID account should already be on the dashboard under Enrolled Accounts. If not, add it manually by clicking Add New Account.


Step 3: Type your account number and plate/card(ATG) number.


Step 4: You shall see your RFID account under Enrolled accounts. Here, click Balance.


Step 5: Your current balance will be displayed on top. At the bottom, you can also generate a statement of account (SOA) by specifying the month and year. A PDF file will be automatically created and downloaded that will show your SOA.


via text message


To check your Autosweep RFID balance through text, simply type Autosweep BALINQ [card number]. For Autosweep premium accounts, you have to type Autosweep BALINQ [plate number].

You can send it to 09178608655 if you’re a Globe user or 09188608655 for Smart.

via the Autosweep app

Step 1: Download the Autosweep app available on the Google Play Store. Sadly, for some reason, the app is not available on the App Store for iPhones. We’ll update this article once it lands on the App store.


Step 2: Here you have two options: you can either create an account or do a Quick Balance if you don’t want to go through the hassle and tiring process of signing up.

While using Quick Balance is faster, creating an account will allow you to generate a statement of account (SOA) and reload your RFID within the app.


Step 3A: If you want to do a quick balance, simply tap that icon. After that, key in your RFID Account number and tap Check Balance. Wait for a couple of seconds and it should show your remaining balance.


Step 4A: If you choose to create an account, simply tap Register and key in your account number, plate/card number, email address, and account name. Both the account and card numbers can be found on the back of your RFID card.


Step 5: Once you’ve created an account, sign in. From the dashboard, tap Add Account. Then, key in your account number and your vehicle’s plate number.


Step 6: Once your RFID account is enrolled, you can now see it from the dashboard of the app. Tap Balance to check your remaining load, or tap SOA to generate a statement of account based on your provided month and year.


These are all the ways you can check the balance of your EasyTrip and Autosweep RFID balance online. Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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