On paper, getting your new driving license in LTO offices is pretty straightforward. That is, of course, if you already secured a student’s permit, practical driving course certificate, and other initial requirements before getting the actual professional or non-professional license.

The problem is, in most LTO offices, what is supposed to be a pretty easy process could take long hours, and even days, due to long lines and queues. Before they take your license photo, you already look tired and haggard.

Fortunately, there’s a way to make things a bit easier once you get to your nearest LTO office. How? Simply by to booking an appointment in advance.

Today, we’ll show you how to book a Land Transportation Office (LTO) appointment for a new non-pro driver’s license using the LTO Online Portal or LTMS. This process should be similar for new pro license applicants and for renewals.

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How to book an LTO appointment for new driver’s license

Before you head to an LTO office to process your pro or non-pro license, it is best to book an appointment online to lessen the hassle of standing in long lines. Here’s how.

Step 1: Open your LTO Online Portal (LTMS) account. Since you are getting a new professional or non-professional license, you should already have an account that was created during your student’s permit application.

But if this is for renewal and you really don’t have an account, you can easily make one by clicking “Register Now” on the main page.


Step 2: In the dashboard, click “Licensing”.


Step 3: Click “Agree” in the LTMS Terms of Use.


Step 4: Choose the permit/license you want to apply for. For this test, we’re going with “Driver’s License”.


Step 5: Choose the Type of Application. For this test, we’re picking “New”.


Step 6: Scroll down and look for the vehicle category you are applying a license for.


Step 7: In the Document Description, choose “Mandatory – Practical Driving Course Certificate”. The required documents differ depending on the license you want to get.

Click “Please Select File” and choose your practical driving course certificate file. The file could be a photo or PDF, then click “Upload”. Wait for the file to upload then tap Next.


Step 8: Scroll down and see the breakdown of payment. The first payment will have to be settled before you can book an appointment, while the second payment will be settled at the LTO office upon appointment. Finally, click “Apply”.


Step 9: Choose the LTO region and office you want to schedule an appointment.


Step 10: Choose the date of your appointment. You can also choose different months if you want to.


Step 11: Choose your preferred timeslot.


Step 12: Now that the time and date have been chosen, click “Proceed to Payment”.


Step 13: Choose your payment method and click Next.

For this tutorial, we’ll be choosing GCash. Bear in mind that all payment methods come with a standard Php65 convenience fee, with some of them costing more depending on the total amount. You can check the full list of partner merchants and their respective fees in a separate section below.

For GCash, you have to pay the standard Php65 plus 2.24% of the total amount.


Step 14: In the Summary section, scroll down to see the total amount and click “Submit”.


Step 15: Read the LTO disclaimer then click “accept”.


Step 16: You’ll be directed to the payment page. Click the checkbox next to the terms and conditions. Click on your chosen merchant and click “Continue”.

If you choose GCash, BPI, Visa, or other online accounts, you shall be directed to your chosen merchant’s webpage to sign in to your account and settle the payment there.

But if you chose an over-the-counter method, go back to step 14 and tap “Save and Close”. Return to the process after the payment has been settled.


Step 18: Once the payment is complete, you shall be directed to the transaction page. Here you can see the Appointment Confirmation and Official Receipt. Print these documents and bring them to your appointment and finish the process at the actual LTO office.


Payment Methods and convenience fees

  • Banknet (Php65)
  • BPI (Php65 + 2.24%)
  • CLIQQ (Php65)
  • Visa and Mastercard (Php65 + 3.36%)
  • DA5 (Php65)
  • e.Tap (Php65)
  • ExpressPay (Php65)
  • GCash (Php65 + 2.24%)
  • GrabPay (Php65 + 2.24%)
  • MLhuillier (Php65)
  • Posible (Php65)
  • SM Bills Pay (Php65)
  • TrueMoney (Php65)
  • UnionBank (Php65)

What to do after booking an appointment online?

Now that you have secured an appointment, proceed to your chosen LTO office at your chosen time and date. Make sure you’re wearing proper attire (no shorts, slippers), as they are quite strict about it.

What should I bring to my LTO appointment?

  • Appointment confirmation with barcode
  • Official receipt
  • Driver’s license requirements

How to reschedule LTO appointment

Sign in to your LTMS Online Account > Transactions > Click the open transaction > Reschedule Appointment. From here, you can pick a different time and date. Expect the few days next to your first choice to be already full.

That’s a step-by-step guide on how you can book an appointment to get a driver’s license or student’s permit using the LTO Online Portal.

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