Speed limits are there for a reason. The government is imposing them on select roads in the Philippines to ensure the safety of the driver, his/her passengers, pedestrians, as well as other vehicles.

But as you know, there are different types of roads in the Philippines. Plus, a lot of these roads usually don’t even come with speed limit signs. That said, we won’t be surprised if some of you are confused about what top speed you can run your vehicle.

Fortunately, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has released an official guide that should be a rule of thumb on the speed limit on Philippine roads. It is based on the Republic Act 4136. So if you don’t see a speed limit sign, but you know what kind of road you’re in, you’ll still be able to drive within the limit.


The LTO has also released a list of vehicle owners and drivers that are exempted from the rule. That includes first responders and more. Let’s begin.

Philippines’ speed limits on different roads

Speed Limit
(as per RA 4136)
CarsTrucks and Busses
Roads without blind corners, and residential and commercial structures
or “Open Country Roads”
Boulevard considered as “through street” and without blind corners40km/h30km/h
Roads within cities or municipalities30km/h30km/h
Crowded places and intersections20km/h20km/h

As you can see, the fastest you can ride your vehicle is only 80km/h. This means that, no matter how tempting it is, you should stay within this speed limit when traveling long expressways like CAVITEX, NLEX, CCLEX, and others.

Meanwhile, the slowest you can drive is 20km/h. This is applicable in narrow municipalities or barangay streets, crowded roads, and other places where you have to be extra cautious while driving or else you can harm yourself, your passenger, and anyone on the road.

Who is exempted from speed limits in PH?

As stated earlier, first responders and emergency personnel are exempted from the speed limit rule as they are given priority on roads, so they can provide help as fast as possible. The full list of exempted drivers is listed below.

  • Medical doctors and their drivers
  • Ambulance drivers
  • Drivers transporting passengers that require immediate medical attention
  • Drivers that are members of the Philippine Army
  • Drivers chasing a criminal
  • Law enforcers chasing road violators
  • Drivers of firetrucks

What is the penalty for speed limit violation in PH?

Each LGU, expressways, and other entities that will apprehend you may have their respective penalties and fees when overspeeding. The list below is directly from the LTO.

1st offensePhp2,000
2nd offensePhp3,000 + 3-month driver’s license suspension
3rd offensePhp10,000 + at least 6-month driver’s license suspension
4th offenseRevocation of driver’s license

These are the things you should know about speed limits on Philippine roads. Leave a comment below if you have further questions and someone from the team or the community will try to help you out.

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