Moonton just announced what could possibly be the biggest changes to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, one of the most popular games in Southeast Asia, will have an improved talent system that overhauls its emblem system. This feature will arrive after the developer canceled its initial rollout, which was supposed to happen in September 2022 due to the feedback they got from beta testers.



In an announcement made on the game’s official page, Moonton said that they will finally implement the improvements, which are also based on community feedback.

One of the biggest changes is the retention of player emblem levels acquired by the players so they don’t lose their progress. They’ve also adjusted the required emblem fragments and will no longer cost players battle points.

To further simplify the system, the common magic and physical emblems with be merged into one basic common emblem. Finally, Moonton has improved the interface so players can easily edit their talent setup before starting a game.

These new improvements shall be put in the advanced server soon for another testing and shall be available for everyone in the coming months.

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