Pinoy-made ARC tabletop RPG earns ~Php2.5 million on Kickstarter


ARC is a Pinoy-made tabletop RPG that’s gaining a lot of steam on Kickstarter.

The game called ARC was written, illustrated, and designed by solo indie Filipina game designer Bianca Canoza.


This role-playing game will defy the Doomsday Clock to save their world from the apocalypse. The game is described as tension-heavy, rules-light, with “deliciously dark yet lovingly written for all story makers at heart”.

Like the popular game Dungeons and Dragons, players will create a hero and role-play across adventures. But unlike the former, the quests are shorter. The Doomsday Clock will run out eventually, and the end will come.

ARC was launched on June 1 on the popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. It had a goal of only USD7,000 (around Php335,000). But as of writing, it already secured USD52,353 (around Php2.5 million) in funding.

Other than putting the game in the hands of everyone, one of Canoza’s goals is to uplift the SEA creator community. ARC has spread the opportunity to three SEA game designers and three SEA illustrators within its content stretch goals. These goals were reached only within a couple of hours since they came out.

You can learn more about the project through its Kickstarter page.

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